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Oil Changes in Chicago

Your vehicle is made up of endless moving parts that need protection. Motor oil is essential for keeping those parts of your vehicle lubricated, clean and working smoothly. Additionally, keeping up with routine oil changes from an auto mechanic in Chicago will remove engine wear particles and sludge, improve gas mileage, cool engine components and promote overall vehicle longevity.

Do You Need An Oil Change?

The most obvious sign that you need an oil change is when your “check engine” light comes on, but depending on the condition of your vehicle this is not the only warning sign that should be on your radar. We recommend getting an oil change between every 7,500 and 10,000 miles, but these following signs could indicate it’s time as well.

  • Engine noise: Increased engine noise could mean that parts of your engine are rubbing together metal-to-metal due to lack of lubrication.
  • Oil Smell: An oil smell inside the car could either indicate an oil leak or an overheating engine.
  • Exhaust Smoke: If clear vapor exiting from your tailpipe turns to dark smoke, it’s a clear sign you need to visit an auto mechanic in Chicago for oil maintenance.

Common Oil Problems

Problems can arise when using the incorrect type of oil for your car. Most people don’t know that vehicles with 60,000 or more miles should be using high mileage oil, while some vehicles such as hybrids and luxury cars should be using synthetic oil. If you have any questions about the differences in oils, give us a call or stop by our auto mechanic in Chicago today.

There are a few oil problems that our mechanics commonly notice. These problems can be difficult to detect on your own but catching them early could avoid expensive repairs.

  • Milky Oil: The oil inside your car should always be a clear, amber color. If you notice a milky or frothy oil consistency, there is something wrong. Milky oil indicates either water or coolant is leaking into your oil and both need to be resolved as soon as possible.
  • Metal Flakes: While minor particles will naturally collect in your oil overtime, excessive metal flakes that can be seen or felt suggest a bigger problem. This sign could mean that parts of your engine are deteriorating and prone to failure.
  • Oil Sludge: A thick jelly-like texture illustrates serious damage to your engine down the line and requires service immediately.

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