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Wheel Alignment and Suspension Services in Chicago, IL

Come into Hollywood Services Inc. when your vehicle needs all-wheel, front-wheel or four-wheel alignments.

Wheel Alignment

A wheel alignment procedure refers to the adjustment of the vehicle’s suspension. Making adjustments to the car’s tires, axels and other auto parts in 60659, ensures the wheels will again align with each other to make solid and even contact with the road. Alignment problems can arise after driving over large potholes, hitting a curb or from other obstructions on the road.

When Do You Need Wheel Alignment?

You’ll know if you need an alignment if your car is pulling to one side, you have steering vibration, steering is crooked even when you are driving straight or if you have uneven tire wear. However, Hollywood Services recommends coming in for a wheel alignment every 6,000 miles in order to increase your fuel efficiency and to extend the life of your tires. Continuing to drive like this without repair, will only make your steering and tires progressively worse, putting you and your vehicle in danger. Driving in this condition is unsafe and your car will not improve on its own.

Wheel Alignment Services

An alignment will usually take about 30 to 60 minutes depending on the vehicle and alignment type. Hollywood services provides all-wheel, front-wheel and four-wheel alignment services. During the service the mechanic will square the wheels and axles with each other so they are moving in the same direction. The mechanic will adjust the auto parts in 60659 to various suspension angles known as toe, thrust, camber and caster to influence tire movement and position. Lastly, the mechanic will adjust the steering so it is centered.

Suspension Repairs

Hollywood services is happy to handle your suspension repairs as well. Suspension repairs need to occur when your steering is not only unaligned but something within the suspension is broken or missing. At first sign of trouble with turning, uneven tire wear, noise when driving over bumps or wandering wheels, stop into Hollywood Services immediately. We repair and replace tire rods, shocks, struts, axels and every other component of your tire. We sell the auto parts in 60659, meaning we can get you back on road as soon as possible because every repair is done and sold in house!

Book Your Wheel Alignment & Suspension Services

If you need a wheel alignment or suspension repair services, contact Hollywood Services today by visiting us online or calling 773.561.9458. We will complete your repair using our auto parts in 60659.


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