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97 Point Inspection in Chicago, IL

At Hollywood Services, Inc. in Chicago, IL, we take pride in the above-average inspection we carry out on your vehicle.

We offer a 97 Point Inspection service that ensures that your vehicle is at its optimum using state of the art technology which also gives you an overview of priority items that need to be addressed in your vehicle. When it is time for your vehicle to be inspected, stop by and our experienced and friendly mechanics in 60659 will go above and beyond to make sure that your car is safe to take on the roads.

97 Point Inspection

We ensure that your car fulfills the emission and smog standards, and we will also help you send confirmation to the DMV if it passes the test. If your car fails the test, we will diagnose the issue and draw up a plan to help you solve them.

Here the components we check during our 97 Point Inspection:

  • Road Test: This test allows our mechanics in 60659 to understand countless things about your car from your perspective. This includes how the wheel steers, how the brakes feel, how your car handles bumps and other limitless details. This test also gives us direction for what to pay close attention to throughout the rest of the inspection.
  • Vehicle Exterior: On the outside of the car, we check the suspension, paint, outside lights, windshield and much more.
  • Vehicle Interior: Our mechanics in 60659 will also spend time inside checking your seats, inside lights, dashboard, controls and accessories.
  • Luggage Compartment: In the trunk, we will check for a musty smell, water damage, mold or other hazards.
  • Underhood: We will look out for obvious rust spots, cracked hoses or other broken pieces. This is also the first place we will look if your car displays issues during the road test.
  • Underbody: The underbody is just as important as under the hood. We will again check for rust or broken pieces that could cause problems for your vehicle.
  • Brakes: We will check your car’s brake pads as well as listen to any warning sounds while driving the car.
  • Tires and Wheels: We will thoroughly check the wheels looking out for cracks or bald spots. We also make sure the tires are evenly worn and the brand of each tire is the same.

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