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While most parts of your car play an essential role in proper functioning, a majority of mechanics would agree that the engine is the most important part. Our team provides expert auto repairs near 60659, including minor and major engine repairs. If you notice any of the signs below, reach out to us immediately for service.

Signs You Need Engine Repairs

  • Metal shavings in your car’s oil

Responsible car owners know that checking and changing your car’s oil on a regular basis is essential to maintaining proper functioning. It’s important to be on the lookout for irregularities in your oil during this process, including the appearance of metal flakes in the oil. This can be a sign that there is metal-on-metal contact happening somewhere in the moving parts of your engine—a sign of misalignment and/or poor lubrication caused by a leak.

  • A knocking sound coming from your engine

Hearing repeated knocking coming from your car’s engine is never a good sign. If you begin to notice this noise coming from under the hood, you’re most likely going to need some form of serious engine repair or rebuilding. This noise is often caused by wear-and-tear on your engine’s bearings, which is where your engine’s moving parts rest.

  • Your ‘check engine’ light is on

The check engine light on your dashboard has many purposes. It can refer to a more minor issue, such as a faulty gas cap, or a more serious problem with the engine. Certain cars distinguish levels of immediacy with different colors or blinking patterns. Be sure to familiarize yourself with your manufacturer’s manual and contact us for emergency assistance if needed.

  • Exhaust smoke

If you notice that excessive amounts of smoke are coming out of your car’s tailpipe, there may be an issue with your engine. Blue-colored smoke can indicate that your car is burning oil (rather than sufficiently lubricating your engine); black-colored smoke may be a sign that gasoline is being burnt quickly. Excessive gas burning tends to go hand-in-hand with overheating issues and can result in drastic changes to your fuel economy.

  • Stalling, hesitations, or loss of power

Is your car hesitating to accelerate? Are you noticing sudden and extreme losses of power? There are many possible causes that can contribute to these issues, and many of them relate to malfunctions within your car’s engine. Allow one of the professional auto mechanics at our shop to inspect your car for a full diagnosis.

Expert Auto Repairs Near 60659

The Hollywood Services Inc. team is standing by to help repair your engine, transmission, or any other area of your car that needs professional attention. If you experience an engine failure while out and about, contact us for emergency towing or roadside assistance.


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